Are You Brave Enough for These Chilling Serial Killer Movies on Netflix?

So, are you here for the best Serial Killer Movies on Netflix. You’ve come to the right place. Through a series of fascinating movies that have rocked around the world, the horrifying tales of some of history’s serial killers have captured audiences and left goosebumps down their spines.

Netflix, known for the variety of documentaries, offers a selection of must-see documentaries that dig into the minds of these criminals, shining light on their crimes and showing their lack of remorse. Here are the top five true crime Netflix Serial Killer Documentaries, that I recommend you to watch now:

1. The Confession Killer (Best Serial Killer Movies on Netflix)

“The Confession Killer” is a captivating true-crime documentary series that covers five parts, focusing on the case of Henry Lee Lucas, a killer known for his heinous crimes.

Lucas was found guilty of murdering 11 people during the time, from 1960 to 1983. Briefly condemned to death, his punishment was later reduced to life imprisonment.

The documentary offers an in depth exploration of the investigation and trial, putting light on the facts surrounding this case.

Through interviews, with people associated with the case, viewers gain a glimpse into the disturbing mindset of this famous murderer and the circumstances that surrounded his acts.

2. I Am A Killer

“I Am A Killer” is a documentary series which consists of two seasons, each giving a glimpse into the daily lives of death row inmates.

The first season was launched on August 3, 2018, followed by the season on January 31. These thought-provoking episodes provide a chance for convicted murderers to share their stories and reflect on their experiences.

Viewers get an intimate and sometimes disturbing insight into the lives of individuals who committed heinous crimes and are now serving life sentences in prison.

Through their candid interviews, the series explores the motives, emotions, and remorse (or lack thereof) of these killers, shedding light on the complexities of their actions.

3. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

“Conversations, with a Killer” delves into the mind of Ted Bundy, one of the most infamous serial killers in history. This captivating documentary series is based on interviews conducted with Bundy by journalists Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth while he awaited execution in 1980.

These haunting recordings offer insights, into Bundys thoughts, allowing viewers to grasp how he skillfully used his charm and intelligence to hide his violent tendencies.

By juxtaposing present interviews, the series reveals the duality of Bundys character and the shocking magnitude of his crimes that left the world in disbelief.

4. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

“Night Stalker” invites viewers on a journey, into the world of Richard Ramirez, a notorious serial killer who unleashed terror upon Los Angeles in the summer of 1985. This gripping four part series delves into Ramirezs crimes, characterized by their random and cruel nature, including assaults and murders.

By combining narratives, archival footage, photographs and dramatic reenactments, this documentary vividly portrays the impact that Ramirezs actions had on the victims and their families.

Through an exploration of the investigation and relentless pursuit of the Night Stalker, viewers gain insights, into law enforcement tireless determination to bring this heartless murderer to justice.

5. The Ripper

“The Ripper” is a documentary created by the team behind the popular series “Don’t Mess With Cats.” Focusing on the case of Peter Sutcliffe, also known as The Ripper, the show delves into the cultural factors that played a role in allowing the killer to avoid capture, for an amount of time.

It examines how poverty, traditional notions of masculinity and misogyny influenced both Sutcliffes actions and societies perception of his crimes.

Through interviews, with individuals involved in the investigation and those impacted by the killings, the series presents an emotionally powerful exploration of how this infamous serial killer affected not only his community but also beyond it.


We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post about the captivating world of Serial Killer Movies on Netflix. These thrilling and suspenseful films will surely keep you at the edge of your seat as they delve into the minds of some of the histories infamous serial killers.

From the bone chilling crime stories to the investigations, these documentaries provide a unique and fascinating insight into the realm of criminal psychology.

So grab your snack, dim the lights and get ready to be enthralled by these Serial Killer Movies on Netflix. Don’t forget to visit our website for recommendations and suggestions, for your next thrilling binge-watching session!

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