8 Must-Watch Best Courtroom Drama Movies Hindi That Will Grip Your Heart!


Dramas that take place in courts are absolutely fascinating. They have compelling stories with strong appeal to emotions, and frequently take influence from actual events.

Over the period of the year, Bollywood has produced a number of courtroom drama movies. We’ll look at some of the best movies in this genre in this article.

The list includes movies that are available for streaming on services like Disney Plus Hotstar, ZEE5, and Amazon Prime Video, including Manoj Bajpayee’s most recent movie “Sirf Ek Banda Kaafi Hai,” the Arshad Warsi-starring “Jolly LLB,” “Mulk,” and others.

1. Jolly LLB

Arshad Warsi plays struggling lawyer Jagdish Tyagi, commonly known as Jolly, in the Hindi courtroom comedy-drama movie Jolly LLB. Jolly takes on a high-profile case that changes both his personal and professional lives.

It demonstrates how Jolly, an aspirational and generally mediocre attorney, longs to succeed as an advocate but frequently struggles to find cases to pursue.

2. Pink

The plot of Pink centers on three professional women who get into a court dispute following a fight with a group of powerful and well-connected males. The incident gives rise to unfounded charges of prostitution and an attempt to harm the women’s reputations for political purposes. But to defend their rights and establish their innocence, advocate Deepak Sehgal, a retired lawyer with bipolar disorder, takes up their case.

3. Court

The 2014 popular film Court offers a straightforward analysis of the Indian legal system. The folk singer’s trial acts as a backdrop for this, with filmmaker Chaitanya Tamhane choosing to present the legal process in a hyperrealistic manner. This approach skips melodramatic tendencies in favor of accurate portrayal, providing an engaging and widely applicable experience for viewers everywhere.

4. Mulk

Mulk is known for its energetic performances by both the main and supporting actors. It centers on the Muslim family of an advocate living in a rural, underdeveloped town in Uttar Pradesh.

The family enjoys a good reputation and lives in peace until one of the advocate’s nephews becomes involved in a terrorist attack. Because of Shahid’s activities, the family’s reputation is damaged, and they become excluded by society.

It’s fascinating that the advocate’s Hindu daughter-in-law steps up to defend her family in court against the serious allegations.

It also demonstrates the challenges and tenacity of the Muslim family in dealing with exclusion from a community they once considered to be their own.

5. Section 375

Section 375 is a Hindi courtroom movie that delves into the sensitive subject and legal difficulties that define its current status in the Indian judicial system.

The format revolves around a prominent defense lawyer and a motivated public prosecutor as they take on the case of a young woman who accuses a well-known film director.

As the court hearings go, the video shows how lawyers employ witnesses and personalities to tell a story. It also goes thoroughly into the issue of consent, providing light on the gray parts of the concept.

The movie additionally explores media sensationalism and power dynamics in high-profile situations such as these.

As the story progresses, Akshaye Khanna and Richa Chadha play competing lawyers in a complicated case that blurs the lines between what constitutes moral fairness and legal criteria, the movie highlights important questions about how laws are understood and how they significantly impact the lives of those who are affected.

6. Shahid

The courtroom drama Shahid, directed by Hansal Mehta, is based on the true story of human rights advocate and attorney Shahid Azmi.

It depicts his life from his early years spent in a destitute neighborhood to his development into a devoted and well-respected attorney. In this movie, Shahid takes on legal issues involving people who are suspected of being terrorists. The storyline shows how the lawyer is faced with social pressure, which negatively impacts Shahid’s relationships and health.

7. Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai

The most recent addition to the list of the Best Courtroom Drama Movies is Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi hai, also known as Bandaa.

The movie explores the little-known facts surrounding the trial of Asaram Bapu, Although the name in the movie has been changed to avoid complications, the lawyer who battled for Asaram’s victim is known as PC Solanki.

All of the actors in Bandaa gave outstanding performances in this intense movie, but Manoj Bajpai really stood out for his portrayal as PC Solanki. One of the greatest courtroom drama movies in recent times is Bandaa.

8. Meri Jung (1985)

One of the best court drama movie I’ve ever seen is Meri Jung. It is also among the greatest inspirational movies ever made, emphasizing the importance of hard work and determination.

Meri Jung (1985), directed by Subhash Ghai, is the story of lawyer Arun Kumar (Anil Kapoor) who went to law school to seek revenge on his father’s killer, corrupt criminal lawyer G.D. Thakral (Amrish Puri).

Many courtroom scenes with unique twists and mysteries may be found in the movie. Meenakshi Sheshadri, Nutan, Javed Jaffrey, Parikshat Sahni, and others are also featured in the movie.

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